Culture Counter

Micro Counter 1300

Price: 4804$


Microorganisms Counter





Micro Counter 1300 counts most types of micro-organisms, even aggregated samples. The system performs fast, economic and reproducible results.



No disposable
No reagents
Micro Counter needs a minimum amount of maintenance..
Between 1 -1000 microns The widest cell size range in a single device.
Analyse aggregated cells The system is able to analyse samples with high number of aggregated particles with accuracy.


Product characteristics


  • Microorganisms and particles counting inside hemocytometer
  • More accurate that alternative methods, such as sample light absorbance.
  • Adapts to any microscope
  • Analyzes aggregated samples of bacteria, spores, yeast, microalgae, mites, etc.
  • No sample manipulation required.
  • Compatible with petri, flask, 96, 24 well plates, etc.
  • View and capture images
  • No disposable material or reagents needed
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Reduce eye fatigue
  • Direct observation of the sample
  • The broader range of of cells and microorganisms